Roll Call – Pilots

This year’s roll call will consist of a “pilot episode” from each delegation depicting a famous TV show, in the style of their institution. Each video must be between 2-3 minutes in length, every delegate must be visible on screen (including advisors), and should introduce their delegation cast. If your delegation cannot decide on a TV show, please feel free to show us some of your favorite TV tropes instead. Please note: roll call videos will need to be submitted no later than 2 days prior to the conference.

Banner – Promotional Billboard

All banners must be 3’ in height and between 3’ to 6’ in width depicting the delegates campus “set.” Every banner will be displayed throughout the conference. Voting will take place during swap-shop and the winners will be announced during the Emmys.

Cheers/Chants – SNL Spartans Boot-camp

Each school should have a combination of cheers and chants to show their school spirit throughout the course of the conference.


Each school will choose 3 television shows to depict at the conference when registering. After registering, the conference team will email the advisor letting them know which of the 3 shows they will be depicting. Delegations with the most effort will be rewarded with points, so don’t forget to feature costumes in the Pilot and at the conference! Check out our suggested list of television shows for different sized delegations, but please feel free to branch out and submit your own!


This year, we are including pins in the spirit points count. If participating, each school will need to bring two pins for submission for spirit points: one showing school spirit and another showing conference theme. The conference theme pin can be anything you want it to be as it pertains to “Leadership” and/or “Television”. During the E.M.M.Y.S., the winning school spirit pin and the winning conference theme pin will be recognized. (Please note: 2 pins will be turned in for judging, the rest are for trading with other schools!)