The Programming & Development Committee is excited to announce program submissions will be accepted for VACUHO 2017

Preparing to Submit your Program

We are collecting program-submissions using JotForm. Because you cannot save your progress, we highly recommend first completing your submission in a Word Document using the guide below. The following outlines the information you will be required to submit with your proposal.

Presenter Information

  • Primary presenter name
  • Primary presenter institution
  • Primary presenter email address & phone number
  • Name(s) of co-presenter(s)
  • Program submission type: Presentation, Panel Discussion, Interactive Learning Activity, Round Table

Program Descriptions:

  • Presentation – Presenter(s) introduce or elaborate on topics while the participants are mainly focused on listening, can include a short interactive activity
  • Panel discussion – Participants ask presenters questions and the presenters will discuss the topic
  • Interactive Learning Activity – Participants are active and talk with one another throughout the presentation, can involve props
  • Round Table – Participants discuss and debate a certain topic with one another with the guidance of the presenter

Program Title

This is the title that will appear in the program guide. The title is limited to 100 characters or fewer and should draw the participant’s eye while accurately capturing the essence of the presentation. Titles that draw the eye, but do not actually identify the point of the workshop, often leave the participant frustrated.

Program Summary/Description

Program Summary/Description is an abstract of the session you will present. Please note this information will be available for participants in the conference program guide, and this description should effectively and concisely inform the participants what content and experience level to expect in the presentation. Program Summary/ Descriptions are limited to 600 characters or less.

Learning Objectives

You will identify three learning objectives for your program (600 characters or fewer for each learning objective). Learning objectives are statements that indicate what the participant will know or be able to do as a result of participating in your session. While your program description above is a general sketch of what you will be doing in your session, the learning objectives are an extension of that description by indicating what the participant will actually get out of your session. These learning objectives are used extensively in the review process to select programs that meet the needs of our participants.

Brief Outline

Please identify a brief outline of how you plan to achieve the learning objectives of your session. Be specific about the learning strategies you plan to use so that participants are actively engaged with the content, and indicate the amount of time you will spend on each section of your outline. As you are planning your session, it’s important to remember that if you are using the experiences of your individual campus, you should clearly identify how the lessons learned and strategies used on your campus can be applied to a variety of campus settings and different situations in your presentation. Your outline should be limited to no more than 3000 characters, and be easily understood by reviewers. Additionally, it should be clear to the reviewers that the plan for your session will clearly allow participants to achieve the three learning objectives for the session. If submitting a Round Table Discussion proposal, please include the prompts and/or questions you plan to use to facilitate the 60-minute program time.

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Program submission ends October 8th

Programs can be submitted by anyone, even if you are not part of a delegation. If you are not part of a delegation, please reach out to use at